Direct to an emergency department for:

  • Transient ischaemic attack(s) in last 48 hours
  • Multiple or recurrent transient ischaemic attack episodes in the last seven days
  • Amaurosis fugax in last 48 hours.

Immediately contact the vascular registrar to arrange an urgent vascular assessment for:

  • Symptomatic internal carotid stenosis (> 50% on imaging), within two weeks of symptoms.

Criteria for referral to public hospital specialist clinic services

  • Internal carotid stenosis (> 50%) on imaging with symptoms (excluding dizziness alone), more than two weeks after onset of symptoms
  • Asymptomatic internal carotid stenosis > 70% on imaging
  • Carotid body tumour.

Information to be included in the referral

Information that must be provided:

  • Symptoms
  • Timing of symptoms
  • Current and previous imaging results.

Provide if available:

Not applicable.

Additional comments

The Summary and referral information lists the information that should be included in a referral request.

Where appropriate and available the referral may be directed to an alternative specialist clinic or service.

Referral to a public hospital is not appropriate for

  • Asymptomatic internal carotid stenosis < 70% on imaging
  • Isolated external carotid artery stenosis.