Direct to an emergency department for:

  • Thyroid mass with difficulty in breathing.

Criteria for referral to public hospital specialist clinic services

  • Assessment of suspected malignancy
  • Thyroid mass associated with mild to moderate compressive symptoms
  • Thyroid mass associated with hyperthyroidism.

Information to be included in the referral

Information that must be provided

  • Ultrasound with, or without, fine needle aspiration results
  • Thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) and free thyroxine (T4) results.

Provide if available

Not applicable.

Additional comments

The Summary and referral information lists the information that should be included in a referral request.

Note: there are also ENT statewide referral criteria for Thyroid mass.

Where appropriate and available the referral may be directed to an alternative specialist clinic or service.

Referral to a public hospital is not appropriate for

Not applicable.